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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A trip down memory lane

Once upon a time, on the year 2000, I found myself building me a homepage. 
It was a very naive and simple HTML project, with a self-teaching target in mind. The result was hosted on, a free hosting service that was very popular at the time. 

And then the dotcom bubble burst. A few months followed, and then a news service that my site used in its welcome page went bankrupt. Suddenly the welcome page had no content except for the top and lower bars. Such can be fate when you rely on external dynamic content, I learned, not knowing that the lesson was going to be harsher yet. 
It was an intensive period for me. I was about to begin my law degree studies and was just at the beginning of a new job (it was supposed to be a java programmer position for a large project. Alas, that project died too as a result of the demise of the tech bubble, and I found myself working in that company as an oracle dba/sysadmin/infrastructures-programmer/software-architect/whatever-title-you-think-fitting, which was better than the alternatives the post dotbubble hightech employment market had to offer). As a result I found myself performing slight changes on the website, hoping that with the accumulating effect it will once again become a delight for sore eyes,  but knowing too well that in the interim period it was just a mess. It was then, in the middle of things, that the hosting service went missing. Apparntly, the post bubble impacts were too strong for them either. 

Years passed, and even though I had the entire site backud up, I never found the time or the motivation to launch it again somewhere else. Then, suddenly, one of these eves, I discovered (thru a technical search of an issue that required sifting thru many results) that the service was back online, with old contents as well - and among them my old website! 

So, without further boring and never-ending details, here is a link to my old website, bearing the title "Gil's Sight": 

I doubt that you will enjoy viewing it as much as I did. 

After all, old websites are of interest only to those of historical 
interest or of nostalgy. 

But blogging is about sharing, and for me, this was one heck of a surprise trip down memory lane. 

The only question left, bugging my mind, is: 
is there any point in making any corrections to the damn thing, or would it better to leave it as it is, for future web historians? 

[Update: 23/08/2014: I've decided to delete the old website. The reasons and last images can be found on the post re-visiting the old website (take2)

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