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Monday, August 13, 2012

another change of times

It has been fun for a while, but it is time to move on.... no longer a technical-news-discussions-blog, this blog shall now return to being a primarily documenting method for myself (and others), assisting in recalling how stuff can be done. That means there will be much (MUCH) less focus on technical news. I assume this would mean, just as in the past, that most of what is written in the blog as "draft" shall not be published. But who knows ?

For those few who wonder how they may carry their lives without the news updates of this blog, I advise to seek alternatives among the following excellent technical news sources:

I also advise to do some going-to-the-source:

For my loyal and potentially disappointed readers, I wish to suggest a message of inspiration and hope, spoken by one of the greatest technological prophets of our age  - 

Inspirational Speech By Steve Jobs At Stanford University 2005

When the late Steve Jobs gave that Inspirational speech, he could not know that his cancer will return. His words echo much stronger nowadays, when we can view his life in all its fullness:

 "If today were the last day of my life"

So, what would you do, if today were the last day of your life?