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Thursday, February 28, 2013

What most schools don't teach, an everyone-should-know-how-to-code initiative, has made this rather convincing video. Truthfully, I was convinced beforehand. Computing, it seemes, is here to stay. Just like reading and writing, being able to read code, understand it and sometimes even write it, is quickly becoming a necessary base skill in the devloping global vision of the 21st century. 

Although it is true that right now, the majority of humanity is still not logged on to the internet (about 2 billion out of the approximated 7 billion are internet-citizens) but the pace of the information revolution is quick, and with smartphones it is just going to get quicker. 

When every person has a computer, in the form of a cellular phone, a digital watch, or some other wise personal gadget the future holds in store, every person needs to be able to cope with it. And coping in computers is done much better when one has a grasp about coding. 

So - schools should teach coding. And as long as they don't do it, parents should take this responsibility upon themselves.