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Thursday, April 2, 2015

a centos7 strange bug during boot after groupinstall

Ran into a funny bug today, after installing Centos7. 

The first post-install boot was smooth. After a certain yum groupinstall I rebooted again, and then I encountered a surprising prompt on the screen. A request to accept a license agreement . Without any license agreement displayed. 

I am quite sure that I signed the license agreement during the initial (GUI) installation. But I am not positive about it. Could it be that the prompt was displayed because I did not install GUI, and this is the way the license is requested in character mode ? But if so, why wasn't it displayed in the first boot? 
I assume that a more probable reason was the installation of further packages that required a signature, and since I booted into a non-GUI state, this was CentOS's way of asking for a renewed signature. 

I think we would all agree that requesting a license agreement signature without presenting the agreement is problematic. 

You might think at first that the machine hanged during boot. But if you try toying with the keyboard, you will see that you get responses... suggested a solution. If you run into a similar situation, don't worry: 
first type 1 
then  type 2  (meaning - select checkbox) 
then type c 
then type c again. 

And the machine will go on in the boot process. 

I miss CentOS 6...