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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Getting "please contact us or change your country to complete your purchase" when trying to get amazon kindle content?

As i was trying to get myself a sample of something to read I found myself encountered with the following error message:

error message: "please contact us or change your country to complete your purchase"

I was quite baffled (having purchased a kindle book about two weeks ago, and downloaded two other samples without a hitch only the other day). Thinking about it, i reached the conclusion that it was an amazon bug. 

Realizing there was no other choice but to try and please the bug, I went to the device settings link, chose the "change country" setting and reset it. 
And voila! everything works... 

Wait, what happened here ? A customer trying to use a website got an error message blaming him of doing something that was not true. I was not in a different country than that listed on one's amazon account.

Why this did happen?
I don't really know. But I can hypothesize. 
I don't remember myself updating this specific setting in the past, so it might actually be something new. Or it might be something that was updated in the long past, when i purchased my first kindle.
I really don't know.

What is obvious is that someone made a blunder in amazon. Either a software change that was not properly  promulgated to users, or a data change that brought forth a situation in which a "country" field was not set as the software expected it to be. 

One way or the other, i can go and check my sample in peace...

And if you happen to wonder what is that sample, it is the most recent dexter book -