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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Rip Van Winkle-esq experience

Recently I started taking an Amazon Web Services course (Ryan Kroonenberg's aws certified solutions architect associate course on udemy) and although I'm yet at the overview stage
I already realize that I was feeling what Rip Van Winkle must have felt. 

Now, I haven't been completely out of touch. My web development experience in recent years has been mostly using aspects of Google's cloud (mainly around Google Blogger) and what I'd call Wordpress cloud. I've also toyed around a few months ago with Google compute engines and I've been using cloud9's cloud based development environment in another course I've been taking (Colt Steele's Web Developer Bootcamp, as a mean to get up to speed in current web development technologies, removing the rust accumulated by spending too much time on tools such as blogger and wordpress).

And yet, it seems that until now I haven't completely realized how far reaching is the cloud revolution and the level of completeness in which the cloud is going to change the most basic concepts of how things are done. With the exception of tools/machines/usages that are supposed to be disconnected form the internet most if not all of the time, Amazon's cloud appears to have reached a maturity level which makes it the first solution to consider for any other aspect of  computing. 

Following months are going to be exciting, as I'll start migrating my own myriad collection of development environments and tools I've been inspecting into the cloud. 

It is an exciting time to be a techonphiliac !