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I shall not try to spy on you , and shall only use data provided by you in talk-backs or such general data that is automatically collected by general statistics collection tools for the improvement of this blog.

But I am not responsible for what others might be doing.  It is very possible that they may not be spying after you as well, but you should be aware that they might be gathering information about you. What kind of "they" am I talking about ?
Two prominent examples are:
  • Internet services collect information about their users. They promise they do this for the improvement of the services they provide. But the bottom line is that if you are using an internet service, you have given a little bit of your  privacy away. Do you know what a browser signature is? blogging platforms are an example for internet service, and this blog is using the blogger platform provided by Google. 
  • Internet advertisement services, such as Google adsense, collect information theoretically aimed at providing accurate advertisements. At times, such information gathering may have started when you initiated a web search, and has been going on via the usage of a cookie or a browser's session, all through your Odyssey, and until your arrival to this site, and it might carry on when you click along. (so don't be surprised when you see tomorrow an ad related to a search you performed today, and don't blame me. I did not collect that information. It was the advertisement service, together with the search engine...)
Other technologies I may have no idea of may be used as well.

Such is life. Our privacy is compromised by the fact that we use the internet. Officially, gathering of information regarding our network-presence should be done according to laws. We all hope that this is the reality. We should all take precautions lest this is not the case.

I tell you this in a friendly manner. And as I've stated earlier - I will not collect your data or spy on you, and will only use general data as provided by tools such as Google analytics, etc. 

This blog provides pointers, remarks, howto guides and opinions regarding possible future trends. I've tried to make everything I write simple to understand, accurate and helpful. And yet, E&OE.

As lovely and useful as my posts may be, everything provided here is for informative purposes only. Despite my efforts, there may be errors in the howtos. I have no way of knowing in advance about differences in your working environment that may bring catastrophes upon you, because you blindly followed one of the tips or howtos in this blog, without observing the instructions, or more important - their meanings. 

To make a long warning short: upon starting to read this blog you accept that my responsibility to your potential damages which may be resulted by your embracing of anything written here as a holy writ, guide, manual or just a helpful tip, is limited to the sum you paid for viewing this blog.

Or, in other words: Use everything you learn here with your own judgement, caution and care. 

The contents of this blog are protected by copyright laws.
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Having said all my lawyer instructed me, I do hope you will find your time here in the Techno-Phile-Files beneficial and fun ! 

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